Korg Volca Hack Points and Videos

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I’ve been going nuts with these new Volcas lately. I thought I would post internal PCB images of all three of the Korg Volca units (pre-modification), since only limited info exists on these devices, and I imagine some people are apprehensive about opening their brand new $150 synths. I’ve also linked the Korg-produced video introductions […]

104,000 video views

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My Massive tutorial is headed for 60,000 views… Tutorial companies are starting to approach me… Got a couple other videos in the works. Im staggered by the response. Ive reached people on the full opposite side of the earth, and its really exciting to hear that people are actually getting something out of my work, […]

Youtube Vids top 30,000 views…

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My Dubstep tutorial videos on youtube have collectively topped 30,000 views at this point. I’m really happy about this, the how-to video craze has ramped up like crazy recently, and it seems the Dubstep community is no exception to the rule. More videos on the way, once the studio is finished.