New Juke and Footwork tracks…

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These are some Juke/Footwork tracks that I have recently completed… If you are not familiar with the Chicago-born and cultivated dance style, here are some videos to give you an idea… Here is one of my favorite footwork videos.  I love the music in this one, and the dancing is just insane.  These are some […]

My Other Life…

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Here’s a newly posted hidden track from “Phase 3” which was posted about a week ago. Check the previous post for more info on that… In an alternate reality, I actually walk and talk among living, breathing people. It’s really not that different from this reality, but one thing is drastically different: I have a […]

Phase 3 Out Now for FREE!!!

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Available now! Phase 3 is a collection of Dubstep works by Computo spanning the last 3 years of his work. It includes 7 original tracks including “Krebstar” featuring sound design luminary, Kevin Lamb, as well as a hidden Remix EP with 5 crowd favorite remixes. The entire package is free in exchange for your email […]

Computo Remix of Bahamut Out Now!

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Big release on Beatport… My remix of the Florida breaks classic, “Bump In The Night by seminal breaks group, Bahamut, has finally been released on Bass Frequency Productions! One of my favorite tracks to work on, I finished this one awhile back and it is finally seeing the light of day. All the Florida folks […]

Groundbreaking software-Subcycle

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I really love when someone brings all of my favorite worlds together. Subcycle does that, with amazing visuals, fun and intuitive control of sound and imaginative touch/gesture control. Christian Bannister, of Portland, Oregon has been developing Subcycle using a number of standard tools to create a very unique product. The audio is based in Max, […]

Max 6 Is Good For You

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EDIT: Max 6 is now available! One of the most exciting developments of this past summer was the announcement of Max 6 from Cycling ’74. One of the most powerful and exciting applications out there, Max is capable of doing virtually anything that the user can imagine. The only catch: the user has to […]