New Project – Voltage Control Lab

VCLlogoblackIn July 2015, I created Voltage Control Lab, an online Modular Synthesis School focused on educating music enthusiasts and professionals in Eurorack (and software) sound design and modular synthesis techniques. We are currently offering 6 modular synthesis courses, Modular 101: Intro to Eurorack, Sound Design 101, The Many Faces of Make Noise Maths, Sound Design with the System 1M, Modular Beats and Drum Programming and Live Modular Techniques as well as our 8 week Music Production with Maschine Studio course. If you are interested in modular synthesis or you would like to control a spaceship from the comfort of your own home, please join us!

Since starting this project, I have written over 100 articles on our regularly updated blog, created more than 25 tutorial and live modular music videos on our Youtube channel and spent thousands of hours studying, writing and refining the curriculum. Voltage Control Lab has been promoted and featured by some of the coolest companies in modular synthesis, like Make Noise and Sputnik Modular as well as the biggest companies in music technology, like Roland and Native Instruments. My work also been featured on some major music technology publications including Synthtopia and Electronic Musician.

Please follow Voltage Control Lab on Twitter and subscribe on Youtube, and keep an eye on our blog. This school is my main outlet for both music and education, both of which are my passions, so please celebrate with me and come take some classes!

I’ll have lots of new music soon, by the way!


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