CNTRPNT Workshop Series

Tomorrow, May 1st, I will be presenting a new workshop series at Dubspot LA, featuring a new artist each month performing and discussing modular synthesis and music technology. Join us on the first Friday of every month for this free series.

CNTRPNT welcomes our first guest, Cyrus Rex!!!

Artist, modular ambassador and head honcho at Muffwiggler (the premiere online forum for modular synthesis), Cyrus Rex is a central figure in the explosion of modular music over the last few years. Touring alongside acts like Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode and Venetian Snares, Cyrus has carved a niche out of the experimental electronic music scene. Cyrus is focusing on his new project with Douglas J McCarthy is called DJM|REX as well as the recently launched MuffWiggler, which promotes and sells modular synthesizer equipment. He is also co-owner of DarkPlace Manufacturing, a Portland, Oregon-based company which handles a number of Eurorack modular brands including Malekko, Roland, Harvestman, Sputnik, 4ms, Qu-bit, BEMI, LZX and many others. In this workshop, Cyrus will present a brief performance as well as walk through some patches. We will also discuss his evolution to the modular world, recording with modular hardware and his favorite pieces of gear.

CNTRPNT is a monthly workshop series hosted by Dubspot LA focusing on modular synthesis and music technology. Each month features a performance from a different artist or visionary as well as a discussion about their methods and motivations behind working in the modular synth world. Moderated by creators Computo and Viktor Carrillo, CNTRPNT aims to spread a wider awareness of the growing Euro-rack and hardware modular synthesizer industry, and to demystify the often confusing intersection of hardware and software based music production. The event is free and open to the public and takes place on the first Friday of every month from 4-6 pm.


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