Computo Remix of Bahamut Out Now!

Big release on Beatport… My remix of the Florida breaks classic, “Bump In The Night by seminal breaks group, Bahamut, has finally been released on Bass Frequency Productions! One of my favorite tracks to work on, I finished this one awhile back and it is finally seeing the light of day. All the Florida folks I’ve met and worked with on this (and other projects since) have all been some stand up people. Special thanks to Gato for the hookup with this gang. (Don’t mind the mislabeled artist name on the Beatport page, that will be fixed soon…)

Lots of other big changes… New studio, new house, new focus. The “Computo de Computo” stage continues, with bit more Moombahton coming soon… You can find some tracks here on my Soundcloud page. But 2012 will be a year slam packed with crazy collaborations and unlikely surprises, and maybe even some serious work! Better watch out…

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