Groundbreaking software-Subcycle

I really love when someone brings all of my favorite worlds together. Subcycle does that, with amazing visuals, fun and intuitive control of sound and imaginative touch/gesture control. Christian Bannister, of Portland, Oregon has been developing Subcycle using a number of standard tools to create a very unique product.

The audio is based in Max, where plugins are hosted and mangled. The sound is controlled mainly by a Monome controller, famous for their elegant wood cases and rarity. However, the real showstopper here is the beautiful touchscreen interface Christian has created. Christian does a great job describing how the interface is used to mix, sequence and destroy the sound he is currently working with. It is a brilliant mechanism that has undoubtedly taken years of learning code to perfect.

The use of the three-dimensional graphic user interface here is reminiscent of a real time version of the Autechre music video, “Gantz Graf”, which was a leap forward in music/video synchronization when it was released by Warp Records in 2002. Created by director/designer Alex Rutterford, this groundbreaking video achieved cult status amongst audio and video synthesis fanatics and inspired countless “abstract” video performances and installations.

I can only hope to see some version of this awesome software made available on the Ipad…

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