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Fire Motivator Remix and more…

Today is the day! My remix of Scott Remedy’s track “Fire Motivator” is out today on Bass Frequency Productions and is available on Beatport! I almost died while finishing this track with a thick case of the flu, so please celebrate my sacrifice buy spending some hard-earned money on me. Do it now!

Also, find a full live set below! The top soundcloud player should have my 50 minute super-chopped live performance at the Treehouse Gallery in San Pedro from last month. It is comprised of all original tracks, remixes by others of my tracks or remixes of other tracks that I have done including 2 unreleased Moombahton tracks. In other words, it’s all Computo (with the notable exception “Where’s My Money (Mallard Edit)” which is originally a Caspa remix of TC) near the end.

There will be some big events coming up for Computo soon, some of which will be mentioned here… But watch Computo’s twitter feedfor more up to date information and instantaneous announcements…

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