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Csound for Ableton Live

Synthesis guru/computer music wizard/Berklee College of Music professor Dr. Richard Boulanger brings us the newest set of mind blowing instruments for Ableton Live and it’s crossover project with Cycling 74, “Max for Live”, in his new collaborative release, C-sound for Live What makes these instruments truly unique is that they bring the wide reaching power of C-sound into real-time.

Traditionally, C-sound needed to be coded (in page after page of arcane text) then compiled, giving up some of the spontaneity of making and performing music. Thanks to Dr. B and his team of crack coders, the rest of us can now take advantage of the extreme power of C-sound in the form of some very cool and expressive instruments.

A number of the instruments that are available in the C-sound for Live package are free, while some other 6-instrument packages are priced at a very reasonable $6.00. You can get the entire collection for only $50! For the power available in these instruments, this is a no-brainer.

Here are a number of excellent samples and demos made by the C-sound for Live team…

C-sound for Live demo page

Below are some videos of 1/2 of fellow Vermin Street group, Dice Motion, using and tweaking the C-sound for Live instruments…

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