Animoog Synth for Ipad from Moog

These are some interesting times we live in. Tools like the Ipad are making it possible to realize ideas that could never exist before, virtual text books, for example. The people at Moog have carried on the legacy of their founder, Bob Moog, by developing the Animoog synthesizer for the Ipad which is expressive, fun and powerful.

The keyboard is one of the coolest features of the app. It is based on one of Bob Moog’s own inventions, the MTS keyboard, which was never released in a public form. This keyboard featured sensors in each key which detected the three dimensional position of the finger. Many keyboards have attempted similar keyboard concepts such as the Haken Continuum and a number of the Buchla synthesizers. The Animoog keyboard is based on this premise, with some other tweaks, such as scale filtering.

The Animoog also features some very interesting editing pages, including break-point envelope/mod section, an elegant X/Y control pad and some effects and classic Moog filters.

Check out some of the videos below of some new users playing with the Animoog brand new. They are pretty inspiring!

Most importantly, the Animoog is only 99 cents for the first month it’s available (it’s normally $30)! Get it before it’s too expensive…

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