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Vinyl Pressing and my Return to Boston

As usual, lots of happenings since the last post… Perhaps the most notable occurrence as of late, is the mastering and pressing of my first track on vinyl! The track, a remix of Xeriscape Records‘ artist Daniel Zeta‘s piece, “Beacon”, will appear alongside the original track and 2 others from Zeta on a limited 12 inch vinyl pressing of only 100 records. Witnessing this process has been a real treat, not many people get the luxury of seeing their record being pressed with their own 2 eyes. The guys at Capsule Labs have been extremely professional and accommodating. Included are only a few of the many images and videos captured during the process.

The vinyl release of Xeriscape Records Xeri004 will correspond with a digital release on Beatport on October 12th, so if you should miss out on the vinyl, you can still sample the bottled fire inside. If you would like a record or two, contact me directly on Twitter. I would also highly recommend checking out their previous 3 releases. These guys are making a special niche for themselves!

In addition to this exciting news, I will be making my first musical return to my longtime home of Boston at the end of October. I’ll be playing 2 shows while there, both of which being wonderfully representative of the Boston electronic and bass music scene, Beat Research, hosted by DJ Flack and Wayne Marshall (Wayne and Wax), and Post Prosperity, hosted by Encanti and Vermin Street.

More news coming soon!

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