No Input

Working on a no input mixer performance some recently…

Routing Mixer outs to ins creates a deadly feedback loop, which I am working with to create some twisted synth parts. Im running the feedback then through a computer input for looping and chopping live, and finally out to an effects rack. Hopefully this will create a versatile setup, i want to do full length performances like this.

The first time I saw a no input mixer performance was at an art loft in downtown Boston around 2001. The performance was dubbed as some sort of noise performance, but the noise took a back seat to the artsy-fartsy. The whole thing made me sick really, the pretentious, sycophantic ass-kissery of the art crowd, and then the ego-maniacal artists, who wouldn’t know Stockhausen from Beethoven, eating it up. One artist billed himself as a “tape artist”… That consisted of taking various handheld tape players, and holding the fast forward or rewind buttons while they were in play mode. I guess in his feeble, enabled artist mind, he thought he was doing something neat or original, but to me, it was simply asinine. What a twit.

No joke, they were selling a set of tapes that one of the artists created… But they weren’t tapes… They were pieces of wood and plastic in the shape of cassette tapes, but there was no sound on any of them. None of them were real tapes. But some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen inspired some cool ideas, and hopefully I can bring more life to them than those assholes did.

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