More on the Harvard Med School Project

Things have been solidifying with the Harvard Medical School project, for which I will be building audio software. The project, as mentioned, centers around the effects of sound in hospitals, from phones, to medical machinery, to hallway ambiance, to low frequency air control systems. My part in it all will consist of creating a piece of software that will be operated by a nurse or technician, to bombard sleeping test subjects with samples of the different noises mentioned, and record many of their physical attributes as they sleep, such as heart rate, breathing rate and certain brain activity.

This project is part of a larger, farther reaching initiative by a collection of scientists, doctors and architects, who are trying to determine certain criteria by which all hospitals should adhere, in order to better serve patient health. Naturally sound plays a significant role, along with light and air quality among other things, in the patient experience, and that is where this specific avenue of the project comes into play.

I’ll be posting more info as I get it, along with screen shots of the software as it reaches completion.

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