Harvard Medical Sound Project

Last Friday, my old friend and colleague, Andy Carballeira (who is now teaching at Berklee, 5 years out…), called me out of the blue after about 2 years of only the semi-occasional myspace contact, to enlist my help on a project he’s working on for the Harvard Medical School. It involves testing the effects of hospital noise on sleeping patients, using samples from the hallways of large hospitals in the Northeast, and bombarding sleeping test subjects with those samples at high volume.

The project is an independent grant that Andy has procured, meaning he’s got proper funding for a research facility, not to mention the Harvard Med School name to back it up.

I have been commissioned to build the software to playback the audio clips in surround sound, using spatial panning and some other wild tricks to mix up the patients heads. I’ll be using Max/MSP to build the interface and software, with a built-in timeline to record changes in the different spatial parameters as they are made by the operating technician. An EEG will record the brain wave fluctuations of the sleeping test-subjects, as the sound effects them.

Should be an interesting project…

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